Ames Hurricanes

Who wants to play Spring 2020 CICS

If you played last spring/fall are a paid up member and did not receive any red cards, you have a higher priority for a spot on one of the teams.  All entries submitted before February 29th will have higher priority. 



* denotes a required field.
First Name: *
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E-mail: *
If you wish to receive emails on more than one email address, please separate addresses with a comma and then a space.  
Cell Phone: *
Enter your cell phone number as a complete 10 digit number with no spaces.  
I am a paid member of Ames Hurricanes for 2020: *
Cost is $20 for the year. Membership is not required however we reserve the right to use this information to make final decisions regarding who plays. Members will take priority.  
Gender: *
Select the position you prefer to play: *
If you play multiple positions select your preferred position.  
Goalie: *
Sometimes we are in need of goalkeepers due to injuries and people being missing. If needed would you be willing to play in goals.  
Red Game Day Jersey:  
Only use this box if you own or have already ordered a red game day jersey. Please enter your jersey number.  
White Game Day Jersey:  
If you own a white (Visitors) game day jersey - please indicate the number on the back.  
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