Ames Hurricanes

Ames Hurricanes Committee and Voting Members

2017 Team Committee

Chairman  Kenny Kyle

Secretary    Graham Vincent

Treasurer    Stacie Gould

Social Committee Director    Anna Peterson

Social Committee Assistant   Aaron Landmesser

Director of Marketing   Fatih Bektas

Disciplinary Director    Josh Selsby

Committee Member   Patrice Feulner

Committee Member    Robb Timms

Committee Member    Maddie Mette


When you see any of the committee members out there, thank them for their time. No committee member is ever compensated for their time and each one has to cover all their expenses including travel,  trying to make the Hurricanes a great club for you to enjoy.

Voting takes place in December of each year for the committee members up for re-election. Each committee member serves a two year term.


Voting Members as of September 1st 2017





Combined Tier 1 and Tier 2 Members as of September 1st 2017




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