Ames Hurricanes

Meet the 2023 Committee



Chairman - Kenny Kyle


Kenny was born in Scotland and has been playing soccer since he was 4 or 5 years old. Kenny resided in Scotland, Portugal and Spain before moving to the USA in 1998. As well as being chairman for the Hurricanes since 2007, he plays in the Ames Mucky Ducks Hurricanes team and referees games for local leagues and high school. Kenny is the only Ames Hurricanes Striker who doesn't actually run.


Treasurer - Stacie Gould

Stacie has been playing soccer since the age of four and grew up in a household strongly influenced by soccer. She played all through high school as a midfielder but moved to defense when she joined the Hurricanes. Some say this is so she can look at all the guys butts playing in front of her but she says it is for other reasons. Now on a lifetime contract with the Hurricanes,  Stacie is dedicating some of her time to serve on the committee and help run the team.



Secretary - 




Social Committee Director - Anna Peterson

Anna had only a brief stint playing Soccer as an adolescent between 6th and 9th grade. In high school she foolishly decided to put soccer aside and focus on music and academics. After a 10 year hiatus she saw the light once again and signed with the Hurricanes as a very rusty right defender. She is known for consistently running into her opponents but is convinced it is always someone else’s fault. 


Director of Marketing - Bob Block




Committee Member - Josh Selsby

Josh arrived in Ames, IA via Ohio, Florida and most recently Philadelphia. Aside from a brief stint up front, he has been playing in the back field since he was five years old. Josh joined the Hurricanes in 2007.


Committee Member - 


Committee Member - 



Committee Member - Rob Timms


When you see any of the current committee out there, thank them for trying to make the Hurricanes a great club for you to enjoy. None of the committee members are compensated for their time and have to cover all their own expenses.

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