Ames Hurricanes

Practice Times

For those of you who are new to the club, we have practice every Monday at 5.30pm. This is currently held at Ames Middle School on Mortensen. The contact for playing Monday evenings is Rob Timms.

This is not a structured practice event, nor is it compulsory to attend. It is just a scrimmage between the teams and also other members of Ames Hurricanes including retired players and players who play in events other than CICS.

If you have never been to one before please take a red and a white t-shirt to wear. Don’t wear something with stripes and especially no Barcelona or Celtic jerseys. You will see all the Hurricanes members wearing their red or white Ames Hurricanes Practice jerseys. The reason we have these is to differentiate ourselves from others and discourage people from outside just coming along and wanting to join in. Some weeks it is busy so we have to use a second field or rotate teams.  After Parks and Rec stops maintaining fields, we are responsible for the cost of painting lines etc. and this, along with subsidizing winter indoors games, is where everyone’s membership money goes along with donations from our generous sponsors.

If you are a CICS player or a paid member (Tier one or Tier two), you can play for free at outdoor practices however if you will be attending more than 3 weeks we would expect you to purchase a set of Ames Hurricanes practice jerseys. You can order these online and they will be delivered to a Wednesday evening event for you.

The Sports Iowa Complex will be the venue for winter training/pick-up games beginning November 2017. This is a very nice indoor facility in West Ames. Scheduled games this winter are updated weekly on the winter training page.

Please remember to bring your red and white practice jerseys at all times of the year. For visitors please bring a red or white jersey to wear.

Paid up members will always have priority if there are too many people at Wednesday evening practice. Visitors are eligible to play (at the invitation of a member and with prior clearance from a committee member) a maximum of three days per year.


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