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  1. Team Captains are responsible for communicating and clarifying all CICS rules to their team’s players.
    Slide tackling is NOT allowed. A slide tackle is defined as:
    1. A feet-first slide by any player (including goalkeepers) that does not result in contact with another player is a foul (result is an indirect kick for the opposing team).  If the tackle occurs in the box, it shall result in an indirect kick, not a penalty kick.
      A feet-first slide by any player (including goalkeepers) that results in contact with another player is a foul (result is a yellow card and a direct kick for the opposing team). If the tackle occurs in the box, it shall result in a penalty kick.
      Notwithstanding sections 2(a) and 2(b), Goalkeepers may slide with their feet out to the side or headfirst without incurring a foul.

At least FOUR players of each gender must be on the field per team during play or the non-compliant team must play short-handed (e.g., seven total players if no women). If the gender composition of the short-sided team changes after the start of the game, late arrival or early departure, adjustments will be made at quarter breaks or other long stoppages of play.

4.Prior to the start of each game, the center referee will check to make sure each player's name, including any guest players, is on their team's roster.  Team captains shall be responsible for certifying to the referee that their roster is accurate and complete.  If a player's name is not on their team's roster, that player will not be allowed to play (see rule #II(1)(b)). 

  1. Substitutions can be made by either team at any dead-ball opportunity.  Players should be ready to enter the field of play at the time the substitution is requested.  Substitutions should be made as quickly as possible to allow the game to resume.

6.Anyone found discovered to have an open container of alcohol on the CICS occupied fields, parking lot, or premises from the .
a.Yellow Cards:
i.Any player who receives a yellow card is required to leave the game at that time (with a substitution allowed for that player) and may return at the next legal substitution.
ii.If a player accumulates three yellow cards during a season, that player will be suspended from playing in his/her team’s next scheduled game.
b.Red Cards
i.If a player receives a red card, that player will be immediately ejected from the current game and suspended from playing in his/her team’s next scheduled game.
ii.If the next scheduled game is a tournament date, that player will be prohibited from playing for any team for the entire day of the tournament.
iii.If a player receives a red card during a tournament, that player is done for the rest of the tournament as well as the player’s next league game date. This carries over to the following season, if applicable.
iv.If a player receives a red card before accumulating three yellow cards, then the number of accumulated yellows is reset to zero.

  1. The team of the player receiving a red card is required to play down one player for the remainder of the game for each red card received.  The maximum number of the carded-player’s gender will be reduced by one for the remainder of the game (e.g., if a male played is red carded, the team must play with a maximum of six male players).
    Red cards may be appealed to the Commissioner by the team captain of the affected player. The Commissioner shall confer with the opposing team captain, the referee and/or review the referee’s game report, and conduct any further inquiry that he or she deems appropriate prior to making a determination of whether to uphold or reverse the post-game penalty.  The Commissioner’s decision shall be final.

c.If any player participates in a game in which he/she was supposed to sit out due to being receiving three cumulative yellow cards , that player will be required to sit out of their team’s next two games (original suspension plus one game penalty for failure to comply with league rules). In addition, the opposing team has the right to choose to take either a forfeit (scored 2-0) or the score of the completed game.
8.Each team shall have ONE player wear a captain’s armband at each league game.   This player shall be the SOLE POINT OF CONTACT between their team, the game officials,
9.If a team does not have at least seven of its own rostered players on the playing field within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time, the referee shall declare a forfeit and record a score of 1-0.
a.Team representatives may elect to proceed with a fair numerical division of players and play an unofficial game with a center FIFA-certified referee.
b.All CICS rules except those regarding the makeup of teams shall remain in effect. 
c.If a game starts late, each quarter shall be shortened by the time necessary to end the game 10 minutes before the next scheduled game (if there is one)--otherwise, the center referee has final discretion.
10.Each player is required to wear shin guards while on the field of play.
11.Jewelry is not permitted while on the field of play unless the item is appropriately taped to prevent injury. 
i.One referee will be identified as the center referee.  The center referee MUST be a licensed FIFA referee (otherwise any player-sustained game injuries aren't covered by insurance).

  1. If assistant referees are not available, each team will supply an individual to act as an assistant.

b.Referees have final decisions regarding infractions.

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