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Hawks4Haiti, a group of Iowa students and soccer lovers traveled to Haiti in early January to host a soccer clinic and tournament for local Haitian youth.  

You can learn more about Hawks4Haiti and their cause here

Through donations from Ames Hurricanes, Ames Soccer Club, CICS League members, Soccer Connections of Urbandale and many other individuals, the girls had lots of new and used soccer equipment to hand out to the local kids and they really showed their appreciation. 

Katie Nasenbenny and Jess Yagla, friends of Ames Hurricanes' midfielder Stephanie Swanson, contacted the club in late November to tell us about their mammoth project to go to Haiti, and along with many other helpful projects they would build a proper soccer field and host a tournament for the Haitian youth. What they really needed though was soccer equipment so with the help of Ames Soccer Club, Central Iowa Coed Soccer League, Soccer Connections and some private individuals we set about collecting used and new equipment to sent to Haiti with the girls.

The kids really appreciated getting new equipment.



Thanks to everyone for their donations.




The Hawks team



Game time huddle   




Katie Nasenbenny adopts a new training method while in Haiti.




Dana Dalrymple, Makenzie Gillaspie, Jess Yagla, Alex Melin, Katie Brown and Allie Adam. 

Read Allie Adam's blog here


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