Ames Hurricanes

MSA Spring Mixer - May 2015

      Ames Hurricanes had limited success in this year's MSA Spring Mixer, held in Hopkins the last weekend in May.

The Hurricanes unfortunately were drawn in the toughest group of the tournament and their out of group game was also against a very difficult opponent. All this was despite a personalized birthday card to Sepp Blatter along with a gift card for Soccer Connections. This just goes to show that the FBI must have got it wrong and FIFA are indeed incorruptible.

The Hurricanes tied the first game against Sofa King Messi. After going down 1-0 to Messi in the first half, a nice goal from Dustin Moscoso levelled it up and it remained that way to the end despite several close attempts at both ends of the field. This team would eventually go on to win the whole tournament in a 1-0 final on Sunday.
In the second game was against The Sanneh Foundation and it looked like history was going to repeat itself. The Hurricanes went down by one early in the game. Kenny Kyle equalized but then Dustin Gray went on to put the Hurricanes ahead and Aaron Landmesser made it 3-1 with five minutes to go.
The final game was against The Ball Busters and this time the Hurricanes went two goals down in the first ten minutes. Dustin Gray got one back before halftime from the penalty spot and The Hurricanes had most of the play. Unfortunately The Busters scored a third.  Things were beginning to look fairly dismal until Dustin Gray scored with e great diving header from a Kenny Kyle cross to make it 3-2 with five minutes left to play. The team then fought hard to the end but unfortunately could not scrape out an equalizer. The Busters ended up losing the final on Sunday to Messi.
Back Row left to right - Fatih Bektas, Kenny Kyle, Steve Peterson, Andrew Schutt, Dustin Gray, Brett Brown, Josh Selsby, Frank Montabon and Dusty Perry.
Front Row - Amy Feulner, Patrice Feulner, Brenna Curley, Dustin Moscoso, Aaron Landmesser, Alyssa Feulner, Hannah Spaulding and Megan Aker.
At the presentation of prizes on the Saturday evening, Dusty Perry, Fatih Bektas and and Dustin Moscoso accepted the prize for Best Dressed Team for which we won 4 large pizzas and 5 pitchers of beer. Unfortunately, the other members of the team got lost and didn't make it to the presentation so the three superstars of the team had to "accept" the prizes alone. Designated drivers Brett Brown and Katy Moscoso refused to assist.
Two sets of sisters helped make up the team. Mucky Ducks' Center-Mid Patrice Feulner was joined by sisters Amy and Alyssa from Chicago, playing together for the first time since grade school.
And Global Reach Midfielder Hannah Spaulding was joined by sister Megan Aker from Minneapolis.
After the games, the team retired to The Yard House to try to regain some of the calories left behind on the field
and also to let the children play and relax.

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