Ames Hurricanes

Ancient Rangers Tournament 2015

Ames Hurricanes sent two teams to MN this year for the Ancient Rangers Tournament.

Combined with Des Moines Celtics, The Crew and a few others they entered a team in both the Over 50s group and the Over 30s group.


Here was the schedule


Day Time Field Us Them
Saturday 10.30 AM M4 Ames Hurricanes Celtics Crew Gitchi Gummi
Saturday 1.30 PM M1 Ames Hurricanes Celtics Crew Flashbacks
Sunday 10.30 AM M4 Ames Hurricanes Celtics Crew Palatine Celtics
Sunday 3:00 PM K3 Men's Over 50s Final  
Saturday Noon K1 Ames Hurricanes Celtics 30s Bayern Rochester
Saturday 4.30 PM K1 Ames Hurricanes Celtics 30s Boom City FC
Sunday 1.30 PM M3 Ames Hurricanes Celtics 30s Joy of the People
Sunday 4.30 PM M2 Men's Over 30s Final  

Over 30s Team

Aaron Landmesser
Brett Brown
Dan Coursolle
Emrah Simsek
Eric How
Fatih Bektas
Herbie Underwood
Kelly VanderWoude
Mike Shimkus
Mo Ali
Pete Nadolny
Rafael Geronimo
Rami Ali
Reuben Peters
Rob Timms
Saed Ibsais
Stefan Tauber
Steve Petersen


Over 50s Team

Alex Osanya
Dan Christy  
David Jiles
Doug Jacobson
Gary Wessels
Graham Vincent
Jarl Aronsen
Kenny Kyle
Larry Williams
Lars Hybel
Mark Copman
Mark McDougal
Matt Sutton-Vermeulen
Mike Whittie
Richard Mull 
Thomas Lubberstedt
Tim McEntee
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