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The Soccer World says Goodbye to an Old Friend

Saturday October 10th 2015 - Lars was laid to rest in Palatine, IL after passing away suddenly on the soccer field. Palatine Celtics and Ames Hurricanes were pall-bearers at the funeral.

Lars was a member of Ames Hurricanes from the late 90s and even though he had moved to Palatine, he returned to play with the Hurricanes on multiple of occasions including three times in 2015. He played for a coed team in the Iowa Games, and for our combined DSM Celtics Over 50s team in both Dubuque and Ancient Rangers tournaments.

Lars leaves behind his wife Carla and his 11 year old daughter Amelia.

In remembrance of Lars, a college savings fund has been put together for Amelia and we thank Lars’ friends at Palatine Celtics for putting this together.

If anyone would like to contribute to this, please follow the link below.

Even if you are unable to contribute, you should follow the link to look at all the photos on there. Many of you will be surprised to see yourselves in some of them.

Ames Hurricanes, Des Moines Celtics and Palatine Celtics are in talks to set up an annual tournament to remember Lars and his contribution to the game. More information will be available once some dates and details are confirmed but we plan to send a coed team and an over-50s team to Palatine next year.

Soccer in Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois says goodbye to a great friend of the game and a great friend to Ames Hurricanes.


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