Ames Hurricanes

Vote Funbar For President

Mike Funbar, long time politician and soccer player, has launched his campaign for presidency of Ames Hurricanes F.C.

When interviewed by "Bernie News", Mike had this to say..

"It's called a rigged system, and this is how it works- Most new playing time goes to the top 1% of the popular players. It's a system held in place by corrupt politics. Where old over the hill players and attractive people buy field time. My campaign is powered by over a million small time players, people like you who want to fight back. The truth is, you can't change a corrupt system by just playing the popular people. I'm Mike Funbar. I approve this message. Join us for real change."

When Hilary was asked for her comments on Mike's campaign, she said "Don't inhale kids"!

Vote for Mike if you want real change....

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