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Lars Hybel Testimonial

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After 13 years of playing for the Hurricanes Lars Hybel hung up his boots and headed across the pond to Sweden.

Lars' most famous phrase came from the Iowa Games 2007 "These guys are terrible".

As a surprise for his going away party which of course consisted of a soccer match followed by adult beverages, the team all dressed up in t-shirts with the slogan "These Guys Are Terrible" on the front.

We rounded up many semi-retired Hurricanes for that day including one of the founding fathers, Dr Robert Bergmann and other famous players from the past. Dr. Basil Nikolau, Dr. GianCarlo Moschini and Dr. John Bowler were amongst the honored guests that afternoon.

We let Lars score a goal or two.

Pictured in the photograph from left to right - Jason Mull, Kenny Kyle, Nick Wetzel, Chad Ward, Saed Ibsais, Matt Grotheer, Basil Nikolau, Torin Johansen, Graham Vincent, Denise Larochelle, Ashley Lockwood, Thomas Lübberstedt, Mike Dunbar, Lars Hybel, Doug Jacobson, GianCarlo Moschini, Yuri Svec, Rueben Peters, Eileen Flaherty, Nate Bock, John Bowler and Josh Selsby.



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 De fyre er forfærdelige


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