Ames Hurricanes

Mucky Duck Pub open for EPL Games

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The Mucky Duck Pub, one of Ames Hurricanes long time sponsors will be opening Saturday mornings at 6.30am for people to watch the English Premier League games live.
Breakfast will be served from 7am and this will go on throughout the season.
For all those of you who are too tight-fisted to pay the subscription to NBC sports or for students who would rather spend their money on beer, this is ideal for you. Not only can someone else cook your breakfast, but you can also drink beer in the morning!
For those who like the camaraderie and someone else cooking you a delicious breakfast, this is right up your street.
Watch the most famous league in the world, live right here in Ames.
Please come out and support those who support our club.
Official Sponsor -- Global Reach
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