Ames Hurricanes

Nate Bock, a dealer for the people!

Nate Bock wants to prove to all Ames Hurricanes members that he is a dealer for the people.

He believes that everyone deserves a nicer, newer ball and he wants to get you approved today!

If elected as president of Ames Hurricanes, Nate will promise you $4728 over the appraised value of your old soccer ball when you buy a nicer, newer ball from him.

Come and see him today at Capital City Soccer Balls on East University in Des Moines. It doesn't matter if you have bad credit, no credit, or a bunch of credit, Nate has bankers standing by to get YOU approved today!

Click today at

When Hilary was asked what she thought about Nate's campaign, she remarked "Don't inhale Kids"!

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