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Lars Hybel Testimonial Weekend 2016

The weekend of June 17 - 19, Ames Hurricanes, combined with Des Moines Celtics, will travel to Palatine, IL to play against Palatine Celtics and True Value for the first annual Lars Hybel Memorial Weekend.

The event will involve games on Saturday and Sunday with each team playing each other twice. Here is the schedule


10.00 – Ceremonial kick-off by Amelia Hybel following a moment of silence.

10.05 – Palatine Celtics Vs Ames Hurricanes

11.00 – True Value Vs Ames Hurricanes

12.00 – Palatine Celtics Vs True Value

7.00 pm – Social and meal at Durty Nellies



12.00 True Value Vs Palatine Celtics

1.00 – Ames Hurricanes Vs True Value

2.00 – Palatine Celtics Vs Ames Hurricanes

Celtic Park, North Rohlwing Road, Palatine, IL


A big thank you goes out to True Value for their support in setting up the event.


Graham Vincent will be captaining the Hurricanes over 45 team. We are sure it will be a fun-filled weekend where we can all pay tribute to and celebrate the life of Lars Hybel.

Lars spent many years at Ames Hurricanes before moving to Palatine Celtics just before he passed away suddenly on the soccer field, playing his favorite sport, the beautiful game of soccer.

Lars leaves behind his wife Carla and daughter Amelia. Amelia will be performing the ceremonial kick-off for the first game of what we hope to be a reciprocal annual event between the Iowa teams, True Value and Palatine Celtics.

Apart from many other great things that he did, Lars will always be remembered for coining the phrase "These guys are terrible" which the Hurricanes adopted as their motto in 2008.

Lars passed away September 27th 2015. The pallbearers at his funeral were team mates from both Palatine Celtics and Ames Hurricanes. 


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