Ames Hurricanes

Ancient Rangers 2016

September 2016 saw Ames Hurricanes, Des Moines Celtics and Strikers join together to send a team to play in Blaine, MN in the Ancient Rangers tournament. This is the 4th time that we have sent joint teams to the MN for this tournament with varying levels of success.

Back row - Kenneth Kyle, Waheed Ayinde, Jeff Schill, Sunny Aikoriegie, Peter Robinson, Thomas Lubberstedt, Doug Jacobson, Mike Whittie, Darko Blazevic, and Scott Nelson.

Front row - Graham Vincent, James McFadden, Jeff Wangard, Tim McEntee, Jarl Aronsen, and Matt Sutton-Vermeulen.


Before the first game against Gitchi Gummi, we had a moment of silence to remember and honor Lars Hybel whose last game for the Hurricanes was at this event last year. Darko Blazevic wore the #42 jersey of Lars.

Six members of the Ames Hurricanes and Des Moines Celtics combined Over 30s team, joined up with Bayern Rochester to play in the Over 30s Division. After successful wins in their first two games, they were unfortunately beat in their final qualifier and did not advance to the finals. Des Moines Celtic players were Herbie Underwood and Dan Coursolle. Ames Hurricanes players were Nate Bock, Andrew Olson, Brett Brown and Rob Timms.

Saturday evening's dinner was at the Roasted Pear and we were joined by Palatine Celtics.







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