Ames Hurricanes

Our History

The Ames Hurricanes team was founded by Richard Mull in 1990. Richard who is from Ames works as a lawyer for the DOT. He retired as Hurricanes' coach in June 2007 but 22 years after start-up, still plays goal-keeper for the Hurricanes

Important Events in our History

Jill Koudelka ties the knot    

Jan 2011 - Olympia Lucia is greeted into this world

January 2011 - Kelsey Englin ties the knot


December 2010 - Richard accepts award celebrating 20 years of Hurricanes


July 2010 - First ever all mens team in competitive open league captained by Nick Wetzel


New Kids
New Kids on the Block - July 2009







September 2009 - Lars Hybel Retires

July 2009 - Wendy Dillinger, ISU Ladies Soccer Coach Captains the very first Ames Hurricanes All Girls team to a silver medal in the Iowa  Games

July 2008 - Iowa Games Open Coed - Gold Medal Winners

June 2008 - Larry Walker, one of the founding fathers of Ames Hurricanes dies in a motorcycle accident at the age of 51

July 2007 -  Iowa Games Open Coed - Gold Medal Winners

June 2007 - Richard Mull, Hurricanes Coach since 1990 steps down after 17 years

July 2006 - Iowa Games Open Coed - Bronze Medal Winners

June 2006 - GianCarlo Moschini, the Hurricanes top goal-scorer since 1995 announces his retirement from soccer.

July 1995 - Iowa Games Mens Over 40 - Scored our first ever Iowa Games goal after 5 years of hard work

April 1991 - Larry Walker scores Ames Hurricanes first ever goal (against the opposing team)

April 1990 - Richard Mull with the help of a few others forms the Ames Hurricanes.

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